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What to look for in a multirotor frame

When it comes to frames I seem to favor a few charateristics. Keep in mind my focus on making my copters  have all started photography/videography. Over the past few years I have made more then 7 types of multirotors,  everything from a quad, x8, few different types of hexa, and an octo. Out of all of them the one I liked best in flying charateristic was my x8 then quad. So as stated I think one of the bigest things…

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Characteristics of Building a Multirotor

When it comes to flying a multirotor there is much that goes into it, never mind the flight operational side of things, just getting one off the ground is an education on its own. When you start thinking am I going to build one of these myself, I think its a good decision because by the time you are done you will have so much more knowledge on how the copter works. Never mind the amount of money you can…

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After Recent Ruling, America’s Commercial Drone Pilots Come Out of the Shadows – Wired Magazine

It’s blue skies for U.S. drone entrepreneurs! For the last two years, the FAA has been sending nastygrams to anyone caught flying model planes or other unmanned arial vehicles over U.S. airspace for “commercial purposes”  – like professional photography, journalism or farmland surveying. But last week, a judge clipped the FAA’s wings, ruling that the agency doesn’t have the authority to regulate small unmanned drones. for more — >

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Thinking about building a Multirotor for commercial use, think about it!

In today’s exploding use of drones/UAV, many people are jumping into the pond head first with a rocky course a head. Although there is a controversy of how much the FAA controls, many of the issues start with the people themselves who are buying these device and calling themselves aerial photographers. Like going into any business, it’s very important to plan, invest, train, and educate. If you skip out on any of these areas you are setting yourself up for…

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Drone Journalist Suing Hartford, CT Police – added 3/1/2014

Every time there’s an idiot out there that does something to screw up this hobby and potentially my photography/video profession, I tend to take it personally. There was the Fool in Manhattan, another random nitwit flying over a crowd of people, and now our current journalist friend here. Thank you Mr. Pedro Rivera for bringing QuadCopters and Drone Photography into the public eye once again under a negative light.   Full Story –>

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Busting the FAA’s “Myth Busting” Document – added 3/1/2014

On February 26, 2014, the FAA published on its website a document entitled, “Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft.” It purports to dispel “common myths,” and provide “corresponding facts.” It does neither. In fact, it’s no more than a rehash of what the FAA has been falsely claiming all along. It again cites no relevant federal statutes, federal regulations or case law to support its claims. That’s because none exists.  more —>

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Las Vegas law firm to specialize in drone law

By CHRIS SIEROTY LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL A leading Las Vegas law firm has launched a first-of-its-kind practice in Nevada, focusing on legal issues related to the development and commercial use of remotely piloted aerial vehicles, or drones.  read more–>

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