Drone Applications

Elevated Media Concepts is based in Ellicott City, MD. We provide FAA Certified and Fully Insured Aerial Video and Photography Services using the latest sUAS technology equipped with 4K cameras.

Our mission is to supply quality service, thorough knowledge, and high safety standards for all our customers needs.  In addition to capturing a unique perspectives we pride our selves on being able to expand the production value of any project by enhancing the message with distinct and exciting viewpoints as well as benefit any budget by replacing costly helicopter operations and limited camera rigs.

Where we set ourselves apart from others comes with knowledge how the technology works combined with our background in the areas that brings this all together. We understand it’s a matter of putting the proper configuration in place at the right time to capture the topic of the story in a way that best represents its presents on video.

This is where our background kicks in, not only have we been working in the drone world before there was a video market for it. We also an extensive experiences in live television production with aspects of aerial video/photography included. We carry the the proper insurance for sUAS operations on a commercial level, and follow that up with our pilot carrying more then the standard sUAS pilots rating required by the FAA. Our pilot has additional current FAA ratings in fixed wing, rotorcraft, and instruments.